Friday, July 20, 2012

Paper Lanterns

July was my scheduled month to bring treats and decorations to my local painting club meeting.  Since the meeting is held in the evening I thought it would be fun to create some paper lanterns for table decorations and here is a couple of the ones I created.  I made several small ones and placed them along side the larger one.  I had hoped to be able to have some battery operated tea lights under them but never got the chance to pick them up. For the fun of it, I placed them over a small lamp for just a few seconds while I was still at home to see how they looked and they looked great lit up.  I want to make some more and get those tea lights to use for some decorations and fun around our house.  That project will be on my next "to do" list.  I added a couple of trays of cupcakes on the table and it made it a fun and delicious treat time for everyone who attended the meeting that night.

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