Friday, June 6, 2014

Childhood Summer Memories

The other day as I sat at my desk and worked there was a pesky lightening bug (firefly) crawling on my computer screen.  I don't know how he got into the house, but I sure wasn't going to allow him to stay.  I didn't want him dying so I coaxed him to crawl onto a sheet of paper and took him outside where he belonged.  After that, it got me to thinking about when we were kids and would catch lightening bugs and keep them in jars and watch them light up in the darkness of our bedrooms at night.  As I was thinking of these memories, I noticed the Mason Jar stamp sitting amongst things on my desk.  I decided that I was going to use it to create a little reminder of the summer fun we had as kids.  The lightening bugs were created using Metallic Mica Paint Palette from Altered Pages. 

The words for this project turned into a fun challenge for me.  I have had my Silhouette since October and upgraded to Designer Studio so I could use more of the features, but I have to learn them first and haven't done that.  I have now challenged myself to learn something new about it at least once a week if not more often and this week I played around in Designer Studio and taught myself about using the offset button which then helped me to create the background behind the words.  It will take me some time to learn everything I can about this machine, but I'm having fun challenging myself to do it. 
Have a good weekend everyone and be sure to take some time and do some creating!  Father's Day is coming quickly so now is a good time to start thinking about those cards you will be needing.  Challenge yourself to learning something new about what you use to create with, too! 
Happy Creating!

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