Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gifts for the Family

I haven't done much crafting the last couple of weeks because the holidays were so busy and I'm starting to get anxious to get back to work.  I decided to share with all of you today, another hobby I've done.  Over the years, I began jewelry making with my mom.  I've made a few things, but am planning on incorporating it more into my plans for this coming year since I've finally found the style of jewelry that I like to create and that is more "me."  For those who know me,  you know I like bling, but I also am very happy with earth tones so the brass and metal pieces with the ball chains are more of the style I like to create.  These simple necklaces were created for the ladies in our family and of course they had to have the special, final touch of a handmade gift box to go with them since I am a paper crafter.  The hearts were embossed and the stars were polished so the edges were a different color while the center remained the original brass color.  Don't you just love how they look? 

As I begin 2014 with some new found fun in jewelry making, I hope that you will find more fun in the hobbies you enjoy, too.  Happy New Year everyone! 

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