Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Paper Craft Decorating

I got this photo screen over the summer and had been wanting to do something with it.  I wasn't sure about spending the money or using the ink ( I use a lot of to have 12- 8 x 10 photos printed so I decided it would also be pretty to put some gorgeous pieces of scrapbooking paper in the frames.  I picked this gorgeous vintage looking Santa paper up at my local craft store for 59 cents a sheet and cut it to fit.   I had the bows left from a garland that I created to decorate our house with and decided to use them, too.  This was the perfect finishing touch for this screen and our holiday decorating.  It sits in our entry way to warmly greet our guests as the enter our home for the holidays.  After Christmas is over, I plan to change the paper to match the next upcoming holiday or season.  It was a quick and easy decorating project that didn't cost a lot and can easily be changed to match the time of year.

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