Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Amazing Company, One Fabulous Card and One Tutorial Just For You!

The Robin's Nest is a great place to find gorgeous paper, fun chipboard pieces, bling (gotta love the bling) and so much more!  They have patterned paper with and without glitter, Dew Drops which are fabulous additions to any card or layout and even die cuts.  Check out The Robin's Nest store to find all kinds of amazing products that will be guarnteed to get your creativity flowing. 

Here is a napkin fold card that I made using some of the amazing paper and Dew Drops from The Robin's Nest.

To create this napkin fold card you will need:

30 Inches of Blue Ribbon- I suggest this beautiful velvet ribbon from The Robin's Nest
12 x 12 piece of blue cardstock for card base
Your favorite tape runner and glue

Tools needed:
Scoring Board and Scoring Tool
Paper Trimmer
Ink Pad
Favorite Holiday Greeting Stamp

To make the card base:
1.To create the card base start with a 12 x 12 piece of black cardstock and score at 3” and 9” , rotate a half turn and score again at these measurements. Fold the paper at the score lines making sure to get a crisp fold.

2. Mark the center of the square that is in the middle of the paper. The center mark should be at 3”.

3. Fold the corners into the center mark making sure the sides in between the corners meet as closely as possible.

4. Now unfold the paper and you will see a triangle in the center of each flap. With the paper open, fold the point of the triangle up to the center mark and crease the fold well. Do this on all 4 sides.

Folding the point of the triangle upward, it will cause the corners to fold inward. The next thing will be to fold the corners down so they lay flat and form a square which will look like these pictures.

The corners will look like this as you are folding them in.

You will have to open the folds to the left and right of your last fold up a little to help get the last fold correct.

Your card should now look like this when you release it.

Fold each of the corner pieces in half down towards the edge of the paper like this.

Here is what you card should look like at this point.

6. Using 3 sheets of patterned paper cut:

Two 2 ¾ “x 2 ¾” squares. (This is the Glitter Snowflake paper on the corners of this card.)

One 5 ½” x 5 ½” squares (This is the Glitter Snowflake patterned paper on this card.)

One 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” square (This is the White Snow Glitter Cardstockon this card.)

One 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” square (This is the Glitter Winter Snowflake patterned paper on this card.)

For the next few steps use this picture as a reference while you work.

7. Cut the 5 ½” squares (orange patterned paper) in half and then half again to get 4 triangles. Adhere them, using the tape runner, around the center square of the black card stock.

8. Cut the 3 ¾” square (black striped patterned paper) into 8 triangles and adhere to card. Repeat this step with the orange grid patterned paper until you have 4 triangles.

9. Cut the 2 ¾” square (the skulls) into triangles until you 4 of them to adhere to the corners.

10. Cut a square of cardstock 5 ¾” x 5 ¾” to put in the center square.

11. Cut a strip of the Glitter Snowflake paper to 2 ¼” x 12”12. Find the center of the strip of paper and make a small mark at the center point. Cut a 30”piece of ribbon and find the center of it. Using Aleene’s Tacky Glue run a small line of glue across the middle of the Glitter Snowflake paper. After finding the center on both the paper and the ribbon glue them together and work your way to the edges of the 1” x 12” strip. You will have some ribbon that hangs over at each end of the cardstock that will be used to tie the card closed.

13. Stamp the greeting on using your favorite stamp and blue ink.

14. Add the Cotton Candy Dew Drops and Hillside Mini Dews using the Dew Dew Glue to the center and corners of the card as shown in the picture.

You now have a fun and festive card to share with someone special this holiday season. Now for some more inspiration be sure to check out the Chattering Robin's blog brought to you by The Robin's Nest!


  1. Peg, Good luck with the tryout! It looks fabulous and I love that your blog background matches the project! You've thought of everything!

  2. This card is extraordinary!! Thanks for sharing the folding technique. I'm going to try this for one of my "special" Christmas cards.

  3. love this project. thanks for sharing and THANKS for all you have done as a robin Nest DT member and happy you reapplied.