Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Wonderland....

Here is a sneak peak at my project that I created for the Amazing Mold Putty blog.  I love using their products!  It is so fun to create things using their resins and mold putty.  I have so much fun finding things that I can use to make into a mold now.  It's like a scavenger hunt to find things.  If you'd like to see how I created this and the rest of the piece that it is attached to (I know you'll enjoy seeing it) check out the Amazing Mold Putty blog and then head over to their site to find the products I used so you can create your own.  The possibilites are endless of what you can make and that's half the fun!

1 comment:

  1. Peg oh my goodness I love it! AND I LOVE YOUR HEADER AND BACKGROUND.
    You are so creative, I love it and I love you bunches :)
    Merry Christmas