Saturday, July 2, 2011

Having some Father's Day Fun Card

I realized that I haven't posted the card my son and I made to give to my husband. My husband and son spend a lot of time together enjoying video game playing. His birthday is in May so my son pre-ordered one of his favorite video games back in March to later find out that the release date had been pushed back. Since we had decided to give it to him for his birthday, he was going to have to wait for it unfortunately. It ended up being that he would get the game 2 days after Father's Day. It was a long wait for him and our son and I didn't help that wait by constantly reminding him how many more days until he got it and things like that. Well, to top it off with just 2 days left with excitement we decided to make him a Father's Day card all about his favorite video game and this is what we came up with for it. He absolutely loves the card and had a big laugh over it. The first picture is the outside of the card and the second one is the inside. I photo edited the words into them.

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