Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry for no posts

I have had serious computer problems and this past Sunday my computer died. I'm using my dh's but it has a problem with the power cord so when it heats up I have to shut it down. I currently have no access to my pictures, either. Luckily, I haven't cleared them off the camera card since the beginning of June so as soon as I get a computer working to load the software I'll be back to business. We have a new cord on it's way. It should arrive tomorrow. Yea!! Plus dh bought me a new computer which hopefully will be on it's way soon, too. I will have to learn all the new things with it since it will now be Vista. Lol Keep your fingers crossed for me. I will be back as soon as I can and sharing before you know it. I am using this off time to do as much crafting as I can so that means there will be lots of sharing going on, too. A Proud Member of The Lime Light. Come over to see what we are working on.

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  1. So excited foor you gettin a new computer... I have Vista and it's not that much different from windows xp