Monday, May 4, 2009

April Showers and May Flowers

I primarily enjoy making cards, but sometimes I find something that inspires me to make a layout. This was one of those times. was having a challenge with the theme of April Showers Bring May Flowers. I had taken pictures already of our flowers in bloom and all I needed was the showers. A couple nights before the challenge deadline I got those showers and captured these pictures which I am so thrilled of how they turned out. Now I was really excited to do the layout and challenge. Well, that excitement turned into quick disappointment when the day after I got the pictures our modem died and we had to have one shipped to us. It wouldn't get here until 2 days after the challenge deadline so I wasn't able to join in on it, but I still love this layout. I am still so amazed at the details in the pictures of the puddles of how the ripples move outward and how some of the drops are suspended before even hitting the water. I can almost still hear the rain as it fell that night and feeling the warmth of the sun from the day I took the photos of the flowers just by looking at these pictures.

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  1. I am so sorry you missed the dead line.. but you lo is awesome.... the pictuers are amazing and I love the way you described it... wow