Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So excited to share this layout

I've been working on this lo the past week and just love the way it turned out. The picture in this lo has quite the story behind it. 2 years ago, we purchased a new car and a week later received a letter from the dealership with a gift certificate for a free family portrait. When we went and had the portrait done we found out that it wasn't the usual portrait you normally get. This one was taken digitally and then sent off to somewhere else where software developed by Thomas Kinkaid is used to turn the digital photograph into an an oil painting. At that time, my husband had purchased a digital photo frame for us and asked if the photographer would make us a cd with the picture on it so it could be loaded onto the frame and he agreed to it. I took the memory card from the frame and put it into our printer and printed the picture out for this lo. The painting now hangs on our living room wall along side the other my dh purchased of just our son so that we can have a nice portrait of him since I don't have a lot of pictures of him growing up.

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