Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Xyron and the story behind me getting it

This is my new Xyron. I have been looking at them for several weeks now and hadn't bought one yet. Last week my family was at our local Target and they had 1 left that was on sale but I still didn't buy it. Last night, my dh and son were going back to Target and I asked them to see if it was still on sale. I thought I might break down and buy it this weekend out of the money I had saved from my last demonstration. Well, when they got home my son sat this big bag in my lap and told me it was for me. They had bought me it! I just had to laugh because I just wanted a price check. After using it, I love it.

Have you ever been in a pinch where you need a certain sticker, but can't find it or don't have it. Here's how you can make your own.

The first thing you do is choose what you want to make into stickers. It can be anything from leftover tags from scrapping or cardmaking to things you print off the internet. They can be up to 5" wide and 1/16" of an inch thick or less. Place them on the feed tray(these I have pulled out more so you can see they need to be in the machine more) making sure they aren't overlapped, but are close enough to save your paper for many uses and turn the dial. (Picture 1)

They will come out the back of the machine already adhered to the paper. (Picture 2)
Carefully tear the paper using the teeth on the machine to remove and there are your own usable stickers. Just peel them off the backing and they're ready to use. You can buy 2 different types of cartridges for the Xyron. They are both acid free, but one is permanent and the other is repositionable for you to move your pieces around on your project. It can be used even on pieces of material and photos so it's perfect for cardmaking and scrapbooking. I know it is becoming one of my favorite crafting tools quickly.

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