Sunday, June 26, 2016

Have You Seen What's Happening At Think Crafts?

It's been busy over at the Create For Less Think Crafts Blog!  Have you stopped by to see all the fabulous projects being shared?  Here are two that I've done recently there.   Need some inspiration?  Think Crafts has a project for all craft styles.  Need the instructions for a project you've seen me share?  Check out the blog, too.   Want to make one of the cards here?  Here they are for you!


Find all of your crafting needs at Create for Less and be sure to stop by the Think Crafts blog on Fridays for their awesome giveaways, too! 

Happy Creating!

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  1. So proud of you Peg...and just think...I knew you from way back when. I need to stay in touch more often. I do have you on my Pinterest. I still collect more than I produce....but I so need that to change. God Bless you and big hugs