Saturday, July 26, 2014

Elemental Doodles Stamps & An Awesome Announcement

This is a picture of the fabulous stamps that you can purchase from Elemental Doodles.  Don't you just love them?  Elemental Stamping is the technique where you take individual stamps and use them together to create a complete project.  For instance, you would use one of the larger sets and stamp the first design and then use the mini set to add more detail to the project.  I've been playing with them for the last few days and they are awesome.  Every time you stamp, you get a crisp, clean image because they are designed to keep the ink from beading on the stamp.  I will share some of the projects I did with you in a few days once I have them completely finished.

 Elemental Doodles is a small local business that has been around for a while and is getting back into full swing with new stamps coming out soon and a lot of other plans in the works.  Remember to support small businesses like this one as they are becoming few and far between.  Artists, like us, are what help keep their doors open. 

I have known the owner of Elemental Doodles for a long time and a couple of weeks ago she decided it was time to get busy making these wonderful stamps again.  It is my pleasure to announce that I will be a stamp artist for this great company helping to bring you even more awesome choices in stamps.  I am, also, honored to say that I will be the Design Team Director for Elemental Doodles. I am extremely excited to be working with Mel and using/ designing stamps for the company, as well, as helping with the design team and the duties of it.  You will, also, be seeing my work on the blog as a design team member, too, which I am thrilled to, also, be doing so that I can share what I am creating with everyone.   

Be sure to come over and follow the Elemental Doodles Blog and head over to the website to purchase your sets of stamps.  Don't forget to "like" the Elemental Doodles Facebook page, too.  You will want to follow one or both of these so you don't miss the design team call when it is posted if you are interested in being on a stamp design team.  

There is a lot of excitement happening at Elemental Doodles so don't miss any of it!  You will be awed, inspired and excited just as we are over everything.  Head on over and follow Elemental Doodles right away!

Happy Creating!

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