Thursday, November 8, 2012

Festive Friday Blog Hop

Welcome to the second to last Festive Friday Blog Hop for this year.  I'm already looking forward to it again next year.  There is a part of me that is sad this year's is almost over.   I originally was going to make another card that I was excited over, but it just felt right to post this one today.  After all of the things that have happened recently...hurricanes, earthquakes, unrest, etc.  it's the message that needs to be shared around the world in these trying times and not just at the holiday season.  This card was made a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn't posted it. I felt this was the time it needed to be shared instead.
 I enjoy making different types of cards and have been addicted to making slider cards for a long time.  They were one of the first "different" card types that I made when I started card making.  When I started them I had a set of instructions that I followed but over the years I adapted them and dropped out steps and made changes to them so much I ended up writing my own instructions and use them.  One of my favorite things about this card type is that the way the pictures are placed on the card is the determination of how the card slides out.  The choice of direction to place the card opens up so many decorating ideas that I will probably be making these cards for a long time just for the fun of it.  I can't wait to try some different themes, too.  Birthdays, Valentine's Day, list of ideas is growing! 
Have some fun!  Try making your own slider card and you'll be hooked, too! 
Happy Holidays and Peace On Earth Everyone!
Here is a list of the blogs on the hop for you to follow so be sure to join us and check out all of the great inspiration of holiday cards.


  1. Very pretty, and so appropriate. Thanks for sharing, and have a Festive Friday!

  2. I like the peace idea too! Too much bad going on! I love your card!!

  3. Fabulous slider card Peg - love the message it brings!!!

  4. Great slider card... perfect for this year!