Monday, September 17, 2012

Alter Your Creativity Challenge

The Altered Pages design team members were recently challenged to create a headdress.  After giving this a lot of thought I decided to use a piece of lace from my stash, but it was too white for what I wanted since I was going for a vintage look.  I decided to use some coffee and dye it and was thrilled with the results.  I, then, dug into my jewelry making supplies and found a bunch of gold and off white beads which I started placing on the lace by hand.  I had, also, found the gold string of beads which I thought would be great to finish off the edge around the face.  It still needing something more so I went digging again and found the package of French Vanilla Flowers from Altered Pages that I had so I added them around the the top and sides of the headdress and finished off their centers with more beads.  Then, I had this one earring...just one that I had tossed in a box of things I save for doing altered projects and thought it would be cool to hang it from the center of the piece to finish it off.  It's amazing what you can do with things from your stash once you dig into them. 

Now here's some fun you can have!  Head on over to the Altered Pages Challenge Blog by clicking here and check out the projects from all the design team members and vote for the headdress you like most! 


  1. Great items that compliment each other. Love how you used the exotic with the feminine.

  2. Hand Beading!!! You are awesome!!! I love this!

  3. Peg your headdress is lovely...I can't believe you did all that beading ~ it must have taken forever!!
    I love the earring dangle - it's perfect!