Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A little black magic technique with Viva Las Vegastamps

If you have never been to Viva Las Vegastamps it's a must to go! If you are a stamp lover (like I am) be sure to head over there and check them out. They have literally hundreds of stamps and related items. You even have several options of how to purchase your stamps- mounted, unmounted, etc. Once you are there you will ask yourself how you ever missed this place! Don't forget to check out their blog, too. It's full of fun and fantastic ideas!
Today I want to share a technique I've fallen head over heals for using their stamps. The technique is called, " Black Magic." After seeing it, I'm sure you'll want to try it, too, so be sure to head over to their site and get some fun new stamps to use while trying this out.
I made this 5" x7" card using the Bear in the Woods Stamp from Viva Las Vegastamps.
Supplies Needed For the technique:
A stamp
Stamp block
White Ink Pad
Colored Pencils-Your Choice- Watercolor, Regular Colored Pencils, Etc.
To do the technique:
1. Ink stamp with white ink and stamp onto black cardstock. Allow to dry completely.
2. Using the colored pencils color the stamped image leaving some areas white. Use darker colors near the edges and move into light colors toward the center of your image if you have a stamp with a large solid area. Smaller areas that are left white allow the image to stand out more. I chose to use pencils that require a blending pencil to even out the strokes for this card. This is what the image will look like when finished:
You will now have a colored stamped image that will make your card pop.
To complete the card:
1.Cut cardstock and fold in half for cardbase and distress the edges to give it a rustic look.
2.Crumple the kraft cardstock and ink edges at the folds. Unfold and recrumple in different direction and ink those edges. Unfold and lay flat.
3.Adhere everything to card base.


  1. Awesome idea, love the technique!

  2. great technique, love the card. thanks for your submission to be apart of the viva Las Vegastamps! design team...

  3. I have been to Vegas, and I love it! I have not been to viva Las Vegas stamps, but I will. I love the card and the tutorial!

  4. That is great! I will have to give it a try. Your blog is really nice, love the information. I also love butterflies. I hope you do because I am giving you the Butterfly Award. You can get it from my blog (direct link)
    ...or just go to my blog and scroll down past the hurricane.