Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little kitchen help

My family buys groceries monthly and I'm always having pieces of loose paper laying around with things we need to get on the grocery list. Then, when I do finally get around to making out the list I can't seem to find the paper or there are things that I never got written down and we end up forgetting those items. I decided to put a stop to that and made this fun dry erase board for our kitchen. Our kitchen has black counters and lots of orange on the walls and throughout so I made the board to match it. Once I had done all the stamping and embellishments I ran it through my Purple Cow Laminator which made it into a dry erase board. Now when anyone in the family sees that something needs to be added to the list he or she just goes and writes it down. We even use it to keep track of menu ideas for the month. It has been such a help in getting our grocery lists and menu organized plus the fact it was a fun project to make! A Proud Member of The Lime Light. Come over to see what we are working on.