Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here's a cool card

I have been meaning to get this posted and in fact have many things to post so look forward to coming back often to see some new things. I not only have been busy with normal things, but have been busy making things and I've been loving it. Deb over at If It's Groovy had a birthday last month and one of the card artists assignments was to make a birthday card. This is the waterfall card I made. These are so much fun I plan on making some more soon so stay tuned. Be sure to go over and check out what's happening at If It's Groovy and don't forget to enter the monthly challenges there. A Proud Member of The Lime Light. Come over to see what we are working on. Come over and check out what's happening at If It's Groovy.


  1. Yes it is a cute one and I appreciate the birthday cards to look at while celebrating my birthday last month :) Thanks Peg, so happy to have you with IIG!