Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Honor of the Sad Cupcake Challenge

As you know, I have been having some fun and entering a few challenges on the Fiskateer board. Fiskars had a get together down in Greenville, SC a few weeks ago where they gave away prize bags. One of the Fiskateer leads had an extra one after the event and decided to give it away in a challenge. During the event they had a cupcake party where everyone decorated cupcakes so in honor of that the challenge was for anyone who was unable to go to the event to take and post a photo of her/his saddest face that she/he missed the cupcake party. I posted a photo of myself in bed with a sad face and the caption that I was so sad I missed the party that I had taken to my bed. When the winner was picked to my surprise it was me! I am still so excited. In honor of the fact that I could now get out of bed and am again smiling I made this cupcake and am sharing it with everyone.


  1. hahaha cute idea. Love the cupcake too

  2. How exciting... did you win anything???

  3. Too funny Peg! Congrats on winning :D