Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's No Housework Day!!!!

You read that right. Tuesday, April 7th is No Housework Day and you know what that means. We get the entire day to craft! How fun is that? This is a hanger that I made in honor of it to so that everyone knows that there will be no cleaning from me today. Ha! Ha! Be sure to take the time and celebrate, too. It only comes around once a year unfortunately.


  1. OH NO! I forgot!! I already did laundry, started dinner, and the dishwasher! Darn, I can't even get protesting right!
    Hope your day's been full of beautiful hand creations and bonbons!!

  2. WELLL NOW U TELL ME!!!! How about the next time Tell me the day before..LOLOLOLOL
    I just LOVE IT!!! I might still make me one He wont never know..HAHAHHAHAA
    Heck I might just make it for the month..Sounds good to me!!