Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick Made Gift Bag and My First Rak

I bought a template to make this gift bag and it arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I was just dying to play with it so I did this quick little bag last night. The paper is writing paper (I think that's what it is) that I got from my mom. I loved the brown edge on it and added the HG flower with a brown brad to highlight the bag's edge.
****Now for the fun**** When my son helped me start this blog I didn't think I'd ever post that much on it. It has been a lot of fun and excitement for me and now I am approaching my 100th post. Unbelievable that I've posted that much. I want to share my excitement and pay it forward with a RAK. The person who comments and has the closest date of when my 100th post actually happens will win prize from me. If there is more than 1 person who guesses the same date and my post ends up being nearest that date without being over I will put all those people's names in a hat and drawn a random winner from the correct guesses. You never know when I'll post so be sure to keep checking in often. Please leave the name of the message board I know you from so that I know how to contact you if you are the winner. While you are here please check out my other posts and links and of course all comments will be greatly appreciated. Good Luck to Everyone! Now start guessing!


  1. hmmmm I think around Nov.1 will be #100 oh and you know me quite well now and we met at Just Scrappin,
    Love ya lady,

  2. Oct 15th is my guess Congrats on a great blog also!

  3. I'm going to guess October 31st. You have a great blog by the way.
    Fiskateer #4437

  4. I'm thinking October 25th. But I might be wrong. I'm Fiskateer 3700.
    Happy blogging.

  5. I guess it will October 21st. Marla#3291

  6. Peg I will say that you will post it on October 10. Thank you for sharing and good luck.
    Peggy #4129

  7. OOO I will say OCT 30th My Moms Birthday..:O)I Love your Bag too.. I going back to look at it some more..:O)
    MaryNSC Fiskateer 1121

  8. Oh I think it will be Oct 17.
    Christine C
    Fiskateer # 2264

  9. Oh Congrats girl on your accomplishment!!!!

    My guess would be October 17th...

    Love that bag template, where did you get it?

  10. I'll say october 12, that's 2 months from my Birthday, and usally my lucky number.. WINK.. mariah, #2457

  11. My guess is October 7th. You have a wonderful blog.
    Fiskateer #4806

  12. that is soooooo cute!!!!
    love that the paper is gifted....
    every time I try and post here I get wish me luck!
    scrap_hag (Casey)
    PS it will be on lucky October 13

  13. Congrats, Peg! 100th post,that is awesome! I will guess October 13th!

    good luck to all!
    aka krafty wahine
    fiskateer #395

  14. I'll guess Oct. 18th.

    Patty 2832

  15. Oct. 13th my BDay :=)

  16. Sorry, I forgot my info.

    Oct 13th, my Bday.

  17. I'm not good at guessing things :=) I will go with Oct 19th. Just sounds good :=)
    Congrats on your blog. I just can't figure out how to make one.

  18. Nov 21st is my guess. I am Scrap Happy #457

  19. congrats on your blog, lov the bag
    I'm gonna guess Oct 15, I'm not very good at guessing games, so I'll probably be way out. lol.
    Caree Sue #3609

  20. Wow, you've been moving fast. 100 posts. You are almost there Congratulations.

    I'm going to guess October 25th just becuase it feels right! LOL

    fiskateer 2852

  21. Hi, Peg. I'm GranShoo from CX. Thought I'd drop over here to your blog after reading one of your CX posts. I like your blog. I'll be coming back from time to time. Almost 100 posts you've made - - - Well, let's see.........I'm gonna guess that you make that 100th post on Sunday, October 26, 2008.

  22. I am guessing Oct 17th (my son's birthday!) great blog.
    Connie #2909

  23. i'll make a guess at Oct 11th! you did a great job on the bag!

  24. My guess is November 2nd!
    I know you from EIS!