Sunday, August 31, 2008

Proud to be an American

Isn't she a beauty? This was a fabulous and fun weekend for my family. This is the LST 325 (Landing Ship Tank) and it was in our area on the Mississippi River! What makes it so special? This ship is one of only 2 in existence and was a part of our World War II history. It saw Omaha beach in Normandy on June 5th, 1944 taking men and vehicles onland to fight the war. It has seen it's time in the Korean War and Vietnam Conflict, as well. Now, it is here for all of us to see and be thankful to all of the men and women who have fought for our freedoms. The LST is located in Evansville, Indiana and is now touring the U.S. waterways to educate everyone on what its role was to keep America free. It is still undergoing restorations and some of the money that is raised helps to go to complete that work.
As we were leaving after our tour of her we were walking back to the car and there was an elderly gentleman dressed in his old uniform proudly on his way to see her. It just touched my heart to see that gentleman. It is thanks to him and the millions of others that we have the freedom to see this ship and learn about her history. Tears welled in my eyes as I saw this gentleman.
Today as I spoke with my dad, I found that he also travelled on a ship just like this to serve his time in the United States Army during the Korean War. I loved being able to sit and listen to his stories and chat with him about things we had seen on board that he knew about all too well. It made me even more glad that we got to see it knowing that my own dad had been on one of these fighting for my rights and the rights of others.
If you would like to find out more about this LST be sure to visit their website at:
Thanks to the men and women over all of the years and into the present who have served us so proudly to give us our freedom and to those who are keeping our history alive by restoring the ships, planes and artifacts of our American history so that future generations can learn and appreciate what has been given for their freedoms.


  1. That looked like fun. Glad your family had some enjoyment this weekend.

  2. Cheryl ~ Fiskateer #002August 31, 2008 at 5:31 PM

    Peg, wow . . . what a special trip for you and your family. It is part of our history and part of the story behind our freedom. This just warmed my heart. I had an experience this morning at church . . . a huge church. Saw the cutiest very old man with a USMC hat on. I asked him if he served in the Corp and his proud reply was . . . 'Yes. For 24 years and in all three wars'. I thanked him and prayed God would bless him! I told him that my husband served in the Corp. as well and he sweetly said, 'I have two words for him. Semper Fi.' It was so sweet! So your story touched my heart at even a deeper level . . .I could envision that older man in uniform. As I know you are . . . I'm proud to be an American. Thanks for sharing this story!!!

  3. Peg, what great photos and I'm so happy you shared the history!

  4. Very cool thing to do for this weekend sure beats going to get food in the house.

  5. Peg this is absolutely awesome. How touching and just hearing about the old gentleman in his uniform brought tears to my daddy was so very proud of the time he served our country and always taught me the respect of the flag and to love our country...sorry I didn't mean to ramble but such a soft spot in my heart..thanks for sharing...
    Patti Smith Fiskateer#1442

  6. I was stationed on San Joaquin County LST 1122. LST's were named for US Counties. It was the Station Ship in Iwakuni Japan. It was like shore duty because we really never left port, but we were anchored so it was considered sea duty and counted toward my US Coast Guard papers for Merchant Marines after I left the Navy.