Thursday, August 21, 2008

I love Eye-Lets, Etc.

A couple of months ago I was asked to be a Guest Designer for Eye-Lets Etc. and in my excited wait for November/December to come I decided to buy some things from them. Unfortunately, I found no one in my area that carries these great products. On the Eye-Lets website it says to contact them if there aren't any nearby stores so I did. This morning I received a call from Terri, the owner, and she is such a wonderful and helpful person! She was ready to take my order over the phone. I am so glad of that! We talked about a lot of different things and she gave me some great helps in working with eyelets. I had been experiencing a lot of the problems she mentioned with the eyelets I use and she has cleared that all up for me. Oh and all the products they already and are going to have are so exciting! You have to go to their site (the link is in my favorites) and check it all out. We talked about anything from eyelets to Cricuts. I am really excited to get the things that I've ordered and can't wait to see what I'm going to get next. I have always had fun using my eyelets and now it's going to be even more fun! I will definetely be ordering from there every time I need eyelets, eyelet tools and even paper by Bazzill. Yes, that's right they carry the entire line of 8x8 and 8 1/2x 11 Bazzill Basic Cardstock. They even carry flowers and stickers for your cards and scrapbook pages. I have some exciting news, too, but I'm going to keep you all in suspense for a couple of more days on it. For all of you who know me it's one of my dreams come true! Can you guess what it is? Be sure to keep checking back and paying attention to changes that will be made to my blog for clues! Wow! What fun being able to find and share 2 great places (Eye-Lets Etc. and Impression Obsession-see my previous post about them) in the past 2 weeks!

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