Thursday, June 12, 2008

Smells and Memories

This lo was done to show things that we have smelled that bring back memories. I will always smell the buttercream and peanut butter from this Grave Digger Monster Truck Cake that I did for our son. The smell of gingerbread brings back fond memories of this show piece I did for a local Christmas Festival that raises money for the arts. I even won a ribbon for it! Oh and the smell of the chocolate truffles I made and my favorite tea still to this day smells so good even though they are nothing more than a memory. This lo was actually done for 2 challenges. One was a stamping challenge so I used acrylic stamps to make the cake and cupcakes for embellishments and the other was a smell challenge where I needed to do a lo of things I've smelled that bring back memories. It is one of my favorite lo's.

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