Monday, May 26, 2008

Welcome to Our Home-Altered CD's Door Hanger

On Thursday, May 22nd I posted and challenged everyone who stopped by my blog to guess what all the items in the picture were going to be used to make and said that I would be sharing it soon. 1 person left a good guess, but it wasn't what the items were used for. Now, I'm going to share with everyone the step by step instructions with pictures the "Welcome to Our Home" door hanger that I created using the items. I am hoping that some of you try this and make your own to enjoy welcoming friends and family into your home. Here goes....

Items needed for this project: A Xyron or some type of adhesive, a sewing machine, 4 old cd's or dvd's, thread, scissors, craft knife (I used Fiskars finger tip craft knife), rotary cutter (I used Fiskars), brads, a pencil, 1 sheet of patterned scrapbook paper, matching material, embellishments of your choice (I used Cloud9 Designs), craft drill (I used Fiskars), ribbon-cloth and the type used for balloon handles, adhesive letters and self-healing cutting mat by Fiskars.

Take one disk and trace around it two times on choice of patterned scrapbook paper. Be sure to trace the center. Cut circles out including centers.

Run both circles through Xyron. Remove backing and adhere to 2 of the cd's. These will be #1 and #3 on the door hanger.
Using a craft drill, drill through top and bottom of both CD's making sure holes are in a straight line. At this time, also drill holes in the third CD at top and bottom and the top ONLY of the 4th cd. Set those 2 aside for now.
Working with the paper covered CD's, adhere ribbon (I used the type that is for balloon handles) around the edges of both. I used a tape runner on one and glue to do the other to see which worked. best. The tape runner was quicker and worked well.

Place the lettering on the cd's making sure you do every other word on the paper. These will say "Welcome" and "Our."
Now on a matching piece of material, that has been ironed, trace around a cd at the edge of it. Also make a circle around it that is a little larger to give you some working room. Do this for the remaining cd, too, so you now have 2 material circles.
Cut out circles on the lines of the bigger circle you drew (not the one that is the same size as the cd.)
Using sewing machine, stitch on the circle that is the size of the cd.
Trim material next to outside of stitching making sure you don't cut the stitches.
Run circles through Xyron, remove backing. Place on remaining 2 cd's to cover.
***NOTE*** Any writing on cd may show through material so place it on the plain side of cd.
At this point, add rest of words ( to and home) and embellishments.
Using a craft knife, carefully poke small hole through material where holes were drilled earlier. This will help the brads to go through easier. Do this on both cd's, but not on the bottom of the 4th one. Using choice of ribbon, tie small knots onto each end of 3 pieces. It can be as long or short as you want it.
Put brad through hole going from front to back of cd. Do this on top and bottom of #2 and #3 cd and bottom of #1 and top of #4 cd. Place ribbon so brad goes through knot on back of cd and close brad. All of the cd's should now be connected together once this step is complete.
For hanger on top of the first cd, take a length of ribbon and halve it, tie knot at bottom and put brad through the front of cd and knot on back and close it.
Your new altered "Welcome" sign is now ready to hang and greet all your visitors at your front door. Have fun making it and enjoy the complements you get from everyone!

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