Sunday, April 27, 2008

ATC's AKA Artist Trading Cards

This is an ATC I made.

What's an ATC? What's the rage right now?

ATC's are cards that are traded by crafters to share their creativity. They are like baseball cards. They are traded and never sold.

ATC's Artist Trading Cards are 2 1/2 "wide X 3 1/2 "tall and are never smaller or bigger than this size.

They are done in whatever ways you want. You can use just markers,stamps and ink, stickers, paint, sketch your design on or whatever you want. Just make sure that if they will be mailed they are flat to be put into an envelope and keep in mind that ATC's are collected so many people put them in protective binders (like baseball cards are in plastic sleeves) so they need to be flat to be put in those.

Use cardstock to make them.

On the back they contain:
Your Name
Some may contain your address or email but only if you want it on
Theme of Card
Date Made
Series #-based on same theme but with different designs for each ATC, Edition Number or Number of card to how many made ie. 1/8 or 1 of 8

Here is a good sight to learn more about this crafter's craze:

Although, it's a site for painters some of the information is very helpful especially if you click on the links. It shows you a quick template you can use to make the ATC's right sized everytime.

If you have any questions post a comment here with your email address and I will reply.

Remember these cards are whatever you want them to be so just have fun creating them.

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