Tuesday, March 4, 2008


What is a RAK? It stands for Random Acts of Kindness. It's a great thing to participate in like I have this week. On my favorite board there have been several posts where someone asks a question or you have to choose the best motion picture for the Oscar's from the nominations or just for posting on that thread your name is put in a drawing. In turn the winner of the RAK gets a special little prize. Even though it is fun being the winner and receiving a special little something in the mail it is even more exciting to be able to be the giver. The one good thing about RAK's is you don't have to give something of value necessarily as in the cases here. It can be something as simple as helping someone out with a question or problem or holding a door for them or getting them a cup of coffee or paying them a complement. RAK's truly are special. It doesn't take someone special either to be in one. It just takes you wanting to show kindness to others. In today's times, it is not done often enough. Have you done a RAK today? Try it. You'll like it.

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